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All you need to do is buy an organic goat milk soap melt and pour base on amazon for example. Just make sure to read the ingredients so they are indeed natural and organic. Then all you need to do is melt and pour the soap base, add natural colorant if desired, a little extra moisturizer if desired and then pour the mixture into the silicone containers!
It’s super fun to play with spices like cinnamon to create colors. You can also add some loofah, orange peel, sugar, Himalayan salts or grounded coffee to exfoliate….The possibilities are endless!
Melt and Pour Organic Goat Milk Soap recipe with Himalayan salts

How to make goat milk soap with a melt and pour base:
  1. Cut the melt and pour soap base into small cubes so they melt faster
  2. Add them to your double boiler on low to medium heat (basically a aluminum recipient in a pan of warm water)
  3. Continue steering until the soap base is melted
  4. Once melted, add the jojoba or almond oil, mix well. You could also substitute with any carrier oil of your choice.
  5. Add essential oils if desired, mix well.
  6. Put a little bit of Himalayan salts at the bottom of the mold
  7. Pour in the silicone mold.
  8. Spray pure alcohol on top of the soap to get rid of the bubbles if any
  9. Add the Himalayan salt on top of the soaps while the soap is still liquid
Let dry for 24h hours before un-molding. Voila, its ready to use!


Amanda from kindly agreed to share her goat’s milk soap recipe using fresh goat milk. Thank you Amanda and shootout to your non profit organization The Lovin’ Soap Project works to improve the lives of women through education and artisan soap making! What a beautiful idea!
Amanda shares with us a great trick: to use frozen goat milk so the lye solution does not overheat the milk. Overheating milk will turn it dark and she says : ” When the soap in the mold overheats you can get all kinds of issues including mushrooming, separation, cracking or other issues. ”
If you are vegan, you could use coconut or almond milk instead.
Fresh Goat Milk Soap Recipe:


James from Little Seed Farm is sharing this awesome oat goat milk soap recipe with us, what a delight for dry skin in the winter! Did you know that oats were used by the Egyptians and Arabs to beautify their skins? Oats contains polysaccharides that will help fight dull and flaky skin! It is also a great moisturizer and has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties to relieve skin itchiness.
You will need to scale for this goat milk soap recipe and actually for soap making you should really get in a kitchen scale (this one is only $12!) as this can prevent you from bad soap making batches!
Here are the ingredients of the Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap
  • 16 oz frozen goat’s milk, broken into chunks (freezing the milk helps keep the heat from the lye/liquid reaction from burning the milk sugars)
  • 15 oz coconut oil
  • 30 oz olive oil
  • 6.4 oz lye
  • 1/4 cup oats (ground in food processor to a powder) a lined mold
Word of caution when making goat milk soap recipe soap from scratch from James: ***Wear safety goggles, dish gloves, long sleeved shirt, jeans, socks and shoes while making soap to protect your skin from eventual splashes of the lye solution. Keep a bottle of white vinegar and a paper towel to apply it with in case some of the lye solution splashes on you (the acid from the vinegar helps neutralize the alkaline lye).***

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