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Woolen Christmas Tree

Material:Green Yarn
Cardboard:a  rectangle with 4cm x 20cm
 Plastic milk cap( recycling plastic milk cap for plastic   circles) Hook,compass,ribbon
Let’s start!
Step 1: Roll 500 times around the cardboard (depending on your Christmas tree large or small). Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the yarn between the cardboard  along one edge.
Step 2: Drawing 6 circles on the lastic milk cap (you can draw more circles as you want)
Step 3: Fill up the circle with the segment yarn ( crochet 2 pieces of the segment yarn on the circles each time)
And we have:
We have the Christmas wreath
We make the same with 5 remaining circles and make one small
 pom pom for the top layer of the Christmas tree
Step 4: Cut 3 pieces of yarn 40cm. Tie 3 knot on the largest circle
 with 3 pieces of yarn to divide that circle into three equal parts.

Tie 3 knot on the smaller circle with 3 pieces of yarn to divide that circle into three equal parts and so that the distance from this circle to the first circle is 1 cm.

Making the same way with other circles in order from 
large to small circle.

The top layer, we thread 3 pieces of yarn through 
the pom pom.

 The Christmas tree finished!

Reindeer Place Cards

Make reindeer place cards for your guests at this year’s holiday dinner. Twigs and googly eyes make it quick, easy, inexpensive and super cute! When selecting twigs, choose delicate ones that have several branches. You’ll be able to snip them small enough so they don’t overwhelm your reindeer. If you don’t have enough corks, you can buy them by the bag at your local craft store. Or you could always host a wine party with your friends!

How to make

place cards

what you'll need
  • googly eyes
  • wine corks
  • hot glue gun
  • glue
  • red map pins
  • awl
  • twigs, cut to size for antlers
  • name tags
let's do it
  1. Glue two googley eyes onto one cork, using a hot glue gun.
  2. Push a map pin through the cork for the nose.
  3. Using an awl, poke two holes at the top for antlers. Gently push a twig into each hole—they should stay secure without any glue.
  4. Add a name tag, glue the cork to one end then set at each place setting. Done!

    Burlap Ornaments
    With the holidays around the corner it is time to start thinking about this year's Christmas tree theme. Some like to keep it traditional and go with the white or gold Christmas tree, but I like to switch it up every year! This year I'm trying out a rustic Christmas tree. And what can be more perfect then these DIY Burlap & lace Ornaments

    What you need:

    - Aleene's Original Tacky Glue 
    - Burlap
    - Glass Ornament 
    - Lace

Begin by applying a small amount of Tacky Glue to the burlap, and then apply it to the glass ornament using your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles. Continue these until all four pieces of burlap are placed, making sure the pieces are slightly overlapping one another. Use Tacky Glue to add the lace to the top of the ornament and let it dry for a few hours.

Vintage Bread Dough Roses Jewelry Box


1.  Tear bread into cup. Add 1 tablespoon Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue™. Mix with craft stick until a coarse ball begins to form. Transfer mixture to your hands and roll until ball of dough forms. This step might be messy for the first few minutes but as you continue to roll in your hands, the stickiness will diminish and the dough will form. Continue rolling for several more minutes until smooth.
2.  Separate dough into several balls and place into zip bag. To color dough, remove one ball at a time, resealing bag to keep remaining dough moist. Add one drop of acrylic paint at a time and knead color into dough. Continue to add color one drop at a time until desired color is achieved. Return dough to plastic bag. Repeat to color remaining dough.
3.  Glue roses, leaves and embellishments onto top of box.
How to make roses:
Pinch off a pea-sized bit of dough. Squeeze the pea between your fingers to flatten it into a small, round piece the thickness of a piece of paper. To make the center of the rose, roll the flattened piece between your fingers, turning the top edge back slightly to look as if the rose were just beginning to unfurl.
Pinch off another pea-sized bit of dough and flatten it as before. Press the top edges back slightly to make a petal. Place the rose center in the center of this petal and wrap the petal around the center, gently pressing them together at the bottom.
Make another petal in the same manner. Place this petal opposite the first petal. If possible, look at a real rose while making your bread dough rose. Remember, not all rose petals are the same size. Place subsequent petals a bit higher on the rose, so that the turned back edges are even with the rose center.
Add 8 more petals in the same manner, overlapping the edges slightly, to complete the rose. Let the flower air-dry overnight. To glue the rose to a flat surface, cut off the bottom of the rose before it dries completely.
To make leaf, you will need a small ball of green dough. Pinch off a pea-sized piece and mold it into a teardrop shape. Flatten the teardrop so that it is a bit thicker than a piece of paper. Using a straight pin, make indentations in the top of the leaf for veins. Curl the leaf as desired and let dry. If desired, press leaves in place at bottom of the rose before it dries.


  • Zip top bag
  • Decorative box
  • Embellishments: vintage buttons, craft pearls, beads
  • Slice of white bread – crust removed
  • Acrylic paint: flower pink, leaf green
  • Small disposable cup (for mixing bread dough)
  • Craft stick

Make your own mistletoe
I've never been thrilled with the mistletoe decorations offered commercially

for this tutorial you will need:
  • mistletoe template (provided below)
  • one sheet of green felt
  • sharpie or fabric pencil
  • pearl embellishments
  • hot glue or fabric glue
  • ribbon of your choice
i began by drawing some mistletoe sprigs to use as a template.  lucky for you, since i already drew them you don't have to!  just click, save, & print the image below.  (you can also resize it if you'd like yours bigger or smaller.)
next, cut out the templates and trace around them on your felt using the marker or pencil of your choice.  i traced the small one twice.  (and i flipped the template over so the leaves would face opposite directions.)  you could trace more sprigs if you wanted a larger grouping.

cut out your felt shapes and arrange the sprigs to your liking.  glue the stems and leaves where they overlap.
then arrange your pearl embellishments (found in the scrapbook embellishments aisle) to resemble clusters of mistletoe berries and glue them in place

finally, tie a ribbon bow around the stems.  cut an additional length of ribbon--mine was 8 inches--and loop it to create a hanger.  glue it to the back.
you're done!  
hang your newly crafted mistletoe above the door...
i used a command hook for easy removal later on.

Whimsical Santa

This whimsical Santa could also pass as an elf. Its head is made from a small white gourd, but it could also be made from a Styrofoam ball, or even an ornament. A wine glass was used for the "body." Or a basic drinking glass works, including plastic.

Using a glass jar is a fun idea too, because you can put treats in it, decorate it like this Santa, and then give it away as a gift. Or use it as a centerpiece, a game prize, or raffle item.

Small white gourd, Styrofoam ball, etc.
A glass or jar for body
Markers to make face
Santa hat (craft store), or make one from felt or colored paper
1 red pom-pom for nose
2 green pom-poms for on the shoes
3 to 4 cotton balls for beard
Decorative holiday paper napkin
Black construction paper or felt for shoes
Glue gun, or craft glue
Candies to put in glass or jar (optional)

These Santa crafts (or elves) are very easy to assemble. First I cut 2 shoe-like ovals out of black paper, and glued them together at the heels. Then I glued a small green pom-pom onto each shoe.  I placed my wine glass (or glass or jar) on top of the shoes. Depending on what kind of stand you're using, you could also use a dab of glue to attach the shoes to the stand.

At this point you can put the candies into your glass or jar, if you're using them. Next I draped a decorative holiday paper napkin over the glass. The type of napkins you use can really change the look of your Santa crafts.

Now the head. I took three cotton balls and stretched them out a bit, then glued them around the chin of my small white gourd. After that I drew on a cute face with red and black markers, leaving room in the middle for the nose. Then glued on the red pom-pom nose.
Lastly, I put on a hat (for my Santa crafts I get hats from the craft store), and secured it in the back with a corsage pin. Now it's finished! 

Mini Winter Hat Decorations

These Mini Winter Hats Are So Adorable And Easy To Make
Then I thought, I can’t knit . . . but with some exploring, I learned I didn’t have to knit these little stocking hats . . . they are so very simple to make. You can do them all year round. I plan to do so.
They’re great for Christmas Tree Ornaments and for Christmas Present Decorations — I think they’re better than a ribbon.
What Do You Think? Do You Want To Make These?
Here’s a picture tutorial you may find helpful.
As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
A TP or Paper Towel Cardboard Tube
Yarn In Various Colors
White Pom Poms
Glue or Glue Gun
All Right, Let’s Get Creating!! Cut a 3/4 inch wide ring from the cardboard tube. Cut a 10 inch piece of yarn. Attach the 10 inch piece of yarn to the cardboard ring by making a loop (as shown in the picture) and then putting the ends of your yarn through the loop and gently pull. This will make a lark’s head knot. You’re going to repeat this process cutting 10 inch pieces of yarn and tying the yarn to the ring until the ring is completely covered. Check out the picture above. The fifth picture shows the cardboard ring covered. Cut a piece of yarn you’ll use to tie the loose ends of your stocking hat together. Tie a secure knot. Push these knotted ends back through the cardboard ring to make the hat shape — the lark’s head knots make up the cuff of the stocking hat and the tied up end pieces are the hat. Glue a white pom pom on top. Don’t stop there!! As long as you have yarn and pom poms, make up dozens of them to give as gifts or to top off gifts . . . and, of course, decorate your Christmas Tree.
I think these are absolutely adorable. I may make a garland of them for my fireplace. They may also look nice in a wreath I’ll hang inside my front door. I may add them to paper craft Mini Albums.  I’m sure you can think of several ways of using these winter hats.  I’m going to make up a box full of them . . . then decide how to use them . . .Have fun!

Til next time


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