Monday, June 13, 2016

Some Time Smaller is Better

I have alway over the year is make small crafts. To buy the material cost alot less then you would if you get more. I have always got 1/2 yard for some of my crafts.

Here is some CD covers I have made. The Cd cover that has a label on it is the back. I sew on some flowers for the front part of it. Now you see the hole thing put together.

 Below I started to sew on the stem to the pink felt and then after that I did the leaves

 The next thing I sewed on the petals
 This is the back
 This flower is almost done
 I just added the label
 I add a white button and added a star button on top of that. It is now done
 This CD Cover I Made for my sister as she like lady's bugs is below
I made one for my sister in law
in the pink cover

I made this one for my hubby niece

When it came to xmas I needed to make some placemats and I was given some material and it had some cut up on big pieces so I trim them to how big I wanted them. Here is what they look from the start to the finished.

 The patch work above is some of the piece I put together to make the bottom of one.
This is the top of one of them above. And below is stuff got from a dollar store
 that you use for around your tree so I cut it out to the shape of the mat & used it as the stuffing part by sewing one of the green material for the top part and then next add the patch work bottom piece
 Below I made some napkins for each placemat
 Here is another napkin
 This napkin has the xmas flower
 Here is another nice piece of material I use for another napkin

This is the last one with the patch pieces .

If you even want an idea to make kids for some thing for easter well here it is. I took fish tin of any kind. When you get the stuff that you by for making a quilt this is what i had given to me is some left overs. So I glue it to the our side of the tin. The next thing is I got some color pipe cleaner and twisted them together and glue it to the inside of the tin. The next step I took more of the white stuff and glue it over the pipe cleaner to over up the pipe cleaner ends.

The next step you find the biggest to the smallest
pom pom and glue each one on the outside of the tin
as you see in the picture above.

 What I did next was use a walnut for the bottom of the feet
 This is what the foot looks like
I tip it sideways so you can see what it looks like as these were glued
to the bottom of each pom pom for the foot as you can see below
Here is the back of the Rabbits butt below

Now we are going to work on the face

This is the front of the Rabbit where it is getting to have it's face added above.

Now I have already made the ears by cutting some felt
in white and yellow and glue the yellow on the white and the
what I did next was make a dent in the head with my finger
where it looks like a hole so I can now add the ear and add some glue and then
squeeze the fur around the ear to hide it. I got some small pom pom and one yellow for his nose and two shiney ones for his cheeks. 
Here is what it looks like after finding some
yellow wiggle eyes. He is now done. 
The last thing I did was get a plastic
egg that you can pull apart and fill it up
with rice krispies and have it mold
the shape of the egg as it shows below

 Here is what it looks like sitting in the rabbit

 Here is the egg filled.

Here is something we love to do when we are not busy

This is a heart made from a garnet but it is not done yet,but somewhere
along the way hubby missed place it.

 Here we both are hard at work

 If you have ever down some faceting it take a long time just to make 1

 It takes hours and depends on how big the pattern your doing.

Have you ever wanted to make a gum wrapper chain.

                                         PUMPKIN Family

I couldn't resist. I love putting googly eyes on everything and this was just another opportunity! I also wanted to add ears and feet to our lovely pumpkin family. I choose cute little pumpkins that represented us in size order.

Things you will need:
  1. Little pumpkins of different sizes
  2. Baby carrots
  3. Toothpicks
Grab those baby carrots and scrape the outer layer off to get an even tone of orange (pumpkin color). Cut one in half lengthwise. This will be one pair of feet.

Grab another and slice into circles. Cut the circles in half to make a pair of ears...pretty simple huh?

Break a toothpick in tiny pieces and use to attach the carrot ear to the pumpkin...
To help attach the ear to the pumpkin easily, slice out a portion with a sharp knife. Do this on the opposite side as well.
Like so

For the feet, slice off tiny triangular pieces to form toes...

Add your googly eyes with hot glue or any strong glue. Add mustache and mouths with a black sharpie.

I added lashes to my mommy pumpkin (me). I love wearing lashes so why not...I cut one lash in half and used it for both eyes. It really depends on how big the googly eyes are...I used hot glue to adhere it to the top of the eyes.

Check them out-Awesome! It's a DIVA pumpkin!

Look at hubby checking my lashes out ;)

As for the carrot feet, I just had the pumpkins sitting on them but you can attach them the same way as the ears (using toothpicks) if you wish.

Tip: To rid hot glue strings-use a blow dryer on the hot setting to instantly melt away.

  1. For the smaller pumpkins (kids) place the two googly eyes really close together. This makes them appear cute and innocent. Place the adult pumpkins eyes a bit further apart.
  2. I used two different sizes of eyes for all of them. Again, it looks cuter.
  3. Before placing the eyes and ears, turn the curved stems towards each other. It shows endearment and body language...see above pic and below pic.

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