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how to make this flower
 pull out, 6 pages from a book, and cut the petals. you need six of each size, like below, going from small to big

 next you need to curl the edges, i found it best to roll the edges around a thin stick

then arrange then in piles by size, with the first piece roll in to a cone, and glue with glue gun, then keep adding the petals going around and around, dabbing the glue gun on each petal.

keep adding the petals in size order
after all the petals are added, you can then roll some of the petals over the stick again if you want to make it more curly, 
its so simple and takes no time, i used an old book i got free with a mag so this cost me nothing apart from the glue.
Here are some other homemade crafts

I handmade the heart

I made this by getting matchboxes and putting
them between two ceramic tiles.  

She was made when i was around 9-10 years old.

I had an idea one day by watching the show called Happy Feet
and you never know what idea i came up with.

I made him to cover the Febreze spray bottle. It hide that ugly bottles

Lace Doily Bowl

searching for doilies – not the paper kind, nice crochet and lace doilies – for a DIY project.  I finally found some online, so I ordered a bunch figuring I’d use them for something. Sure enough, inspiration struck soon after and I decided to make some into bowls! I had heard of covering balloons with them to make really pretty lanterns (similar to our “thought bubbles”), and it turns out you can make a doily into a bowl using a very similar technique.

Choose a bowl that will allow you to drape the doily over the bottom of to create a bowl shape.

doilies already and don’t want to purchase fabric stiffener, you can make your own! Just mix equal parts white glue and water.

1,2,3: Turn your bowl upside down, soak the doily in fabric stiffener, and drape the doily on the bottom of the bowl.

fingers to smooth the doily over the bowl, removing any wrinkles and pushing out excess fabric stiffener. Leave it on the bowl overnight to allow it to dry and 

Experiment with different shapes and sizes! In the morning, your lace bowls will be ready for use.

Here is what they look like after they are done


  • Vintage doilies in shades of white, cream, and ecru
  • Dried real gourds or craft store faux pumpkins and gourds
  • Mod Podge for Fabric
  • Paintbrush or foam brush
  • Spray paint in an off-white or ivory
  • Tin foil
  • Wax paper

The only prep work I did prior to painting was covering the gourd stem with tin foil.

  • A couple light coats of paint with drying time in between was adequate to give the pumpkins an even color.
  • I selected just the right doilies to fit each pumpkin. I cut some of them apart into smaller shapes that were easier to fit onto the pumpkin.  For the two small pumpkins, I just used one whole doily which I slipped over the stem to create a slightly different look.

  • I usually cover my work table with wax paper when I work with Mod Podge.  I followed the directions on the bottle when applying the Fabric Mod Podge to the doilies.

    vintage doily pumpkins

    After coating one side of the doilies, place them on the pumpkin and tap all the edges down with your fingers.  Once the pieces are adhered to the pumpkins, wait for two hours while the initial coat dries.  Then a topcoat of Mod Podge can be applied to the entire piece.

    A list of HOW TO

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